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Rand McNally Unveils Game-Changing EOBR

Rand McNally has developed a next-generation in-cab EOBR device that combines award-winning navigation with a robust mobile communication system that sells for less than $800.

The Rand McNally TND 760, Fleet Edition, seamlessly integrates into a truck’s on-board computer and sends and receives information via both Wi-Fi and cellular. The device can be set up in less than 30 minutes and does not require the installation of a separate “black box” monitoring unit like traditional mobile communication systems.

The compact design features a broad array of capabilities including fleet communications via email, driver and vehicle performance monitoring, electronic hours of service (HOS) compliance, and truck-specific navigation. Information on fleet activity is managed via Rand McNally’s significantly enhanced FleetWatcher web-based portal.

The TND 760 is the result of the 10-month business partnership between Rand McNally and DriverTech of Salt Lake City. In September 2010, Rand McNally took an investment stake in DriverTech and acquired an exclusive license to DriverTech’s technology in the trucking space. Since then the development teams at both companies have been working closely together to port DriverTech’s software over to Rand McNally’s hardware platform.

“This product is one of the main reasons we did the deal with DriverTech,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally. “We thought if we could port their software over to our hardware platform, we could create a product that leverages the best of both companies while at the same time fundamentally altering the cost paradigm in this space.”

The new TND 760 accomplishes that goal and provides 90% of the functionality of higher-end mobile communication systems for less than half the price, says Muscatel.

Mark Haslam, founder and CEO of DriverTech, explained further: “Two months before we announced our business partnership, Dave and I plotted this concept out on a white board. The TND 760 is truly the next generation of mobile communication products and we here at DriverTech are very excited about it.”

Jim Rodi, who heads up Rand McNally’s Commercial Transportation group, pointed out that Rand McNally has been sensitive to evolving EOBR regulations, developing a solution that is affordable for fleets and potentially owner operators.

“The ROI on this platform is fantastic. Our IntelliRoute TND is already a hit at retail with drivers looking for a solid navigation solution. For only $350 more than what drivers are already paying for the TND 710 navigation device, fleets can get a full EOBR with multi-mode mobile communications and driver performance tools. This is a great deal for customers looking for an affordable, feature-rich, in-cab solution,” Rodi said.

As with other connected devices, there is a monthly data plan required. The $799 price excludes applicable taxes.

Key features of the TND 760 include:
* 395.15 compliant
* Automated Hours of Service
* HOS alerts and warnings for drivers
* Simplified log certification and correction
* Real-time access to HOS data via FleetWatcher portal
* Wi-Fi and cellular communication
* Over-the-air programmability
* Rand McNally Workflow
* Text and form-based messages
* Text-to-speech email playback and verbal turn-by-turn route guidance
* Truck-specific routing based on loads and other metrics, powered by Rand * McNally’s award-winning IntelliRoute TND navigation
* Detailed mapping and vehicle proximity search
* More than 200 distinct vehicle-specific metrics
* Comprehensive fuel- and driver-performance reporting
* Visibility to engine diagnostics

For more information regarding TruckPC, IntelliRoute TND, and the new TND 760, fleet managers should call 1-800-641-RAND (7263).

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Emil Estafanous, CPA, CFF, CGMA