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NAFTA Surface Trade Rises 11.5% in January

3/27/2012 3:15:00 PM
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Surface trade among the United States, Canada and Mexico rose 11.5% in January from a year ago, the Department of Transportation said Tuesday.

Trade among the North American Free Trade Agreement partners rose to $75.5 billion, DOT’s Bureau of Trade Statistics said in its monthly report.

Month-to-month trade, which is affected by seasonal factors, edged up 1.8% from December, BTS said.

U.S.-Canada trade rose 9.6% to $44.1 billion, while U.S.-Mexico trade improved 14.3% to $31.4 billion.

Truck imports to the United States climbed 12.1% year-over-year to $25.3 billion. Exports rose 11.5% to $26.9 billion.

Rail imports rose 3.9% to $7.8 billion, while exports jumped 25.5% to $4.6 billion. Pipeline imports increased 23% to $6.7 billion while exports declined 9.1% to $710 million.

Surface transportation consists largely of freight movements by truck, rail and pipeline. About 90% of U.S. trade among NAFTA partners moves by land.

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Emil Estafanous, CPA, CFF, CGMA